General FAQs

What’s Thomas Beetz's photography style?
How much do you charge?
When will I receive my photographs?
Will the photographs be edited?
How do we book you?
Can we reserve a date?
Where is Thomas Beetz Photography located?
Do you travel?
What equipment do you use?
What format do you shoot in?
What happens if your equipment fails?
Who owns the copyright of the photographs?
What makes me an eco-friendly wedding photographer?

Wedding FAQs

What's included in our wedding photography package?
How will my wedding be photographed?
Are portraits and group shots included?
When will the wedding couple portraits be taken?
What happens during the shooting?
How long will they take?
It’s raining/snowing/blowing a gale. What then?
What format will our wedding photographs take?
How many wedding photographs will we receive?
When will we receive them?
Why is wedding photography so expensive?
Why bother with a pre-wedding or engagement shoot?
Should we meet up before our wedding?
We don’t live in Berlin. Can we still meet you before the wedding?
Is travel and/or hotel accommodation extra?
What happens if you can’t make my wedding?

If you have any questions, which haven’t been answered, don’t hesitate to fill out the contact form, or call me on +49 177 7143977.